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Astrology is an ancient, continually evolving organized system of information about the stars, and how they reflect our earthly reality.  An astrological chart is a map of the positions of the planets, the Sun, and the Moon amid the background of the constellations or signs of the zodiac.  It is calculated using the date, time, and place of birth.  
It contains many factors which symbolically represent the needs, expressions, and experiences that make up the
whole person.

The individual chart or horoscope is a portrait of an individual. However a horoscope can never show how you are going to “play” this hand.   While you have freedom of choice or free will, the horoscope does reflect natural inclinations that you have to live with, lessons you have to learn, issues to be faced and problems to be solved.  What you make of these energies or opportunities is your choice.

The natal “birth” horoscope is drawn on a circular wheel, divided into twelve segments, called houses.  Planets, the Sun, the Moon and the Zodiac signs are mapped on each individual chart.  Each planet represents a separate kind of energy.  The twelve signs of the Zodiac indicate characteristics and traits that further define your personality.  The qualities of a sign, positions, combined with energy of a planet, indicate how you will most likely use that energy and the best way to develop that energy.  The signs tell the story of human evolution and development, and all are necessary to form the continuum of a whole life experience.

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If you know your Rising sign and Moon Sign than you may want read that also.  These are general statements.  To be more accurate we can make you a chart.

ARIES  3/21-4/19.   The glyph for Aries is ^.  Aries is a Cardinal/active Fire sign.  Aries people are like the spring.  They are like a young plant springing from the seed.  They jump into life with eagerness and impulsiveness.  They love to be the starters and initiators of anything that is new.  They are adventurous, impatient, self-expressive, open, direct and not always sensitive to another’s feelings.  Mars, the aggressive planet, is the ruling planet for Aries.  The Ram is the animal symbol.

TAURUS 4/20-5/20.   The glyph for Taurus is _.  Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign.  They are practical, materialistic and steady, persistent, cautious and stick-to-it until it is done.  They have patience.  Through their hard work and determination they accomplish, accruing abundance in worldly possessions.  The social, love planet Venus is the ruling planet for Taurus.  The Bull is the animal symbol. 

GEMINI 5/21-6/20.  The glyph for Gemini is `.  Gemini is a Mutable Air sign and is, therefore, an intellectual sign. They are curious and always questioning.  Gemini likes movement and change. The Twins are its astrological symbol representing duality.  The intellectual planet Mercury d is its ruling planet.  Mercury was the messenger who delivered the messages of the gods.  Gemini is the communicator and the teacher.

CANCER  6/21-7/22 The glyph for Cancer is a.  Cancer is a Cardinal/active Water sign.  Water represents emotions and gives Cancer a sensitive nature.  The family unit is important as well as security.  They love to nurture and be nurtured.  They have an intuitive nature.  Their ruling planet is the reflective Moon s.  The Crab is their animal symbol.  

LEO 7/23-8/22 The glyph for Leo is b.  Leo is a Fixed Fire sign.  They love to be on stage and get their applause.  They are star performers.  They have a warm majestic nature.  They are admired and respected, dress well and are well poised.  The Sun a is their ruling planet.  The Sun represents the will and ego of the individual.  The Lion is their animal symbol.

VIRGO 8/23-9/22 The glyph for Virgo is c.  Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign.  Virgo likes to work.  They are practical and love details and are very methodical.  They tend to their duties and take pride in their accomplishment.  They are critical and intellectual people.  If you want something done right, ask a Virgo or someone with the intellectual Mercury or energetic Mars in the sign of Virgo.  Mercury d the intellectual planet is their ruling planet.  The Angel or Virgin is their symbol.

LIBRA 9/23-10/22  The glyph for Libra is d.  Libra is a Cardinal Air sign.  They are artistic and musically inclined.  They like peace and harmony and are good at seeing both sides of a situation.  Partnerships are important to them.  Libra rules the lower courts.  Venus f the social and love planet is their ruling planet.  The Scales are their symbol.  

SCORPIO 10/23-11/21.  The glyph for Scorpio is e. Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign.  They become very attached to what intrigues them emotionally.  They love to transform anything.  They are great at taking something that is discarded and giving it new life. They make good detectives, policemen, doctors and psychologists.  Investigation is easy for them.  The planet Pluto ; is their ruling planet.  The Scorpion, Eagle, Serpent, and Phoenix are the symbols for Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS 11/22-12/21  The glyph for Sagittarius is f.  Sagittarius is a Mutable Fire sign.  Freedom and the wide-open spaces are what they like.  They are happy, jovial and optimistic people.  Sports interest them.  They love to travel.  Jupiter h is their ruling planet.  The symbol is a Centaur, which is half horse and half man shooting an arrow upward.

CAPRICORN  12/22-1/19.  The glyph for Capricorn is g.  Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign.  They are quiet, reserved and accurate in what they do.  They are late bloomers and usually marry later in life.  They make good business people and are very dependable.  Their ruling planet is Saturn. The Mountain Goat is their animal. Capricorn sets their goal, paces themselves, and gets where they are going.  

AQUARIUS 1/20-2/18. The glyph for Aquarius is h.  Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign.  They are inventors, pioneers and people of the future.  They are unique and independent.  Some are scientific, astrologers, electricians and teachers.  Their ruling planet is Uranus k.  Their symbol is a man pouring from a jug.  This sometimes causes it to be mistaken for a Water sign, but it is Air.  Being an intellectual sign it is cosmic knowledge that is being poured on the parched earth below.

PISCES 2/19-3/20  The glyph for Pisces is i.  Pisces is a Mutable Water sign.  Pisces is the sign of the Good Samaritan.  They always want to be of service to those in need.  Neptune l, their ruling planet, makes them imaginative.  They can be poets, writers, artists, religious leaders, composers and dancers.  The symbol for Pisces is the two Fish tied together.

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A Solar Eclipse is when there is a new moon, the Sun and Moon are together.
A Lunar Eclipse is when there is a full moon.  

Retrograde Planets
One is only affected by retrograde planets if they make contact to planets in ones natal or progressed chart
All planets retrograde except the Sun & Moon.
One needs to realize that anything done, between the Approaching date to the Leaving date, of a retrograde planet will be reviewed.  Do not make any final decisions or start any new projects until the planet goes direct.
This is a good time to get caught up with all previously left undone projects.
  Approaching means that it is entering the degrees that the retrograde will come back to.
R is retrograde
D is direct
Leaves means that it has passed the degree when it went retrograde.

Saturn causes delays in that it blocks what is happening.  This can cause strikes.


We do not necessarily feel that a Jupiter r is bad but it does cause one to overdo in matters.  It may delay the final outcome but it also should be beneficial.  The only way that it may be bad is if there is a disease that is going on.  In this case it could make it grow.  It could be uncontrollable expansion through the planet it conjuncts.  Being a planet of travel one may continually travel if it conjuncts Mercury or a personal planet relating to such.  It is also education of higher knowledge and retrograde could be a study that allows this knowledge to come about.

Pluto works quietly behind the scenes and many times you do not realize what is happening.  It gets to the root of the matter and can destroy in order to rebuild.  Pluto is a planet of power, transformation, and regeneration.  Once Pluto is finished one can never go back to the way it was as it has completely changed.

Uranus is the planet of intuition, change, stimulation, unsettledness, sudden happenings, and magnetism. Any planet or house cusp that it affects receives this energy.  Uranus works unexpectedly and brings surprises.

Neptune rules our imagination and spiritual beliefs.  If negatively aspecting planets a retrograde can bring confusion, deception or not allow us to hear correctly since we may be day dreaming or there is something hidden.  If positive it can brings fantasies, idealization and inspiration and allow us to create and to be more spiritual with our imagination.  The positive approach is meditation and creativity.

MERCURY RETROGRADE (includes orb approaching and leaving)
Make no decisions, sign no contracts.   If you do, realize that it may need to be done over.  Wait until the planet goes direct for the final decision. Buy no automobiles or make repairs unless it cannot be avoided. Get a guarantee and double check everything..  If you move and you want it to be temporary than it is o.k.

If you take a job during a retrograde Mars it will change.  If you want the job to be temporary that is okay.  Operations may need to be done over.  Sometimes it is an emergency and there is no time to wait.  Projects you start will be reviewed. Think about a project that will take time, and realizing that it will be reviewed. it gives you a longer time to get it set up and worked on. Mars' retrograde is usually a 6 month period of time.

Artistic and financial projects may need to be done over.  Anything that involves creativity such as cosmetic surgery is best done when Venus is not retrograde, as it may need to be done over. 

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