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By: Pat Hardy

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 Personal and Business Strategies
Success is a matter of Timing!
with Pat Hardy   -    Business Trend Forecaster

ENERGIES TRENDS CYCLES can help identify trends and cycles for you personally, or in your business so that you can capitalize on those unique windows of opportunity!
What trends can do is expand your vision and the concept of how the future can look and feel. You and your business can profit from this unique perspective of trend forecasting!

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Who is Pat Hardy?

Highly respected business trend forecaster, Pat Hardy assists individuals, entrepreneurs, executives, traders and companies in identifying windows of opportunity to give them a competitive edge in the marketplace.
As a writer, she co-authored Financial Astrology for the 1990's and annually contributes to Llewellyn Publications on Stock Market, Economic and Global Trends. In Addition she is a noted speaker and lecturer at many financial and business conferences.
She has been featured in USA Today as a successful financial market consultant. Published a financial market newsletter; ENERGIES TRENDS CYCLES and has been named one of the top five Wall Street Astrologers by Registered Representative. Pat has worked with the US Geological Survey Department (NOAA) in researching and forecasting earth disturbances using planetary cycles.
For the past 20 years, Pat has utilized her unique forecasting techniques to serve the Wall Street community,  as well as scores of clients locally, and  throughout the county. 
Pat is a very Special Person...  I am proud to call her a friend as well as a business associate
She now lives locally in the Feather Sound area and is available for private consultation!
email:  (727) 573-0755 

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