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Jupiter in Aries 2011

Jupiter first moved into Aries last spring with the first phase of the  conjunction of Jupiter to Uranus.  This meeting of the two planets of liberation in the sign of initiation was the instigator for the alignments in cardinal planets that I called the Cardinal Drama.  With up to seven planets and luminaries interacting in the early degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn) last summer, it was a powerful force for change.  Jupiter and Uranus then retrograded back into Pisces where they completed the second two phases of their conjunction.  With Jupiter now back in Aries, we begin to move forward to complete the work of last year’s planetary events.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac.  This is the beginning of new experiences – in Aries we tend to approach our lives from a place of innocence.  Jupiter in Aries is accurately depicted by the Fool card in the Tarot.  The Rider Waite fool depicts someone who approaches their life with complete trust and innocence.  It’s a beautiful day, the Sun is shining, and they’re about to walk off a cliff.  The little dog is barking in warning, but the Fool has complete trust that the Universe will take care of him and protect him.  Jupiter in Aries offers a fresh new beginning of faith and trust in the Universe and in our own ability to follow the path that our soul has set out for us.

Over the past few years Saturn and Uranus have been in opposition to each other, pitting the conservative thinking and desire to retreat to the past of Saturn against the tremendous force for change that Uranus inspires.  Uranus rebels against the past and wants to experience something new and fresh – Uranus wants a life that is better suited to a changing world.  We have seen this playing out in global politics, but also in our own lives.  The goal when two planets are in opposition is to integrate both polarities and find harmony in the balance. Until we do that we are pulled back and forth – pulled by Saturn back into the past, reflecting that which is safe, that which we’ve depended on, and then pulled by Uranus which wants to break free into something totally different and new.

When Jupiter conjoined Uranus, encouraging that urgency for change, Saturn became the weak point.  Regression into the past was no longer an option.  When Jupiter and Uranus retrograded back into Pisces they were not as active, and the pressure to create change in our lives lost some of the impetus of the beginning of the cycle.  At that point Saturn was interacting with Pluto and we were pulled for a bit into the darkness and may have had a re-emergence of some of the fear of change that Saturn can bring.

With Jupiter in Aries, there is a desire for constant growth.  Jupiter expands, and Aries is endless energy and initiation of new actions.  We don’t want to be still – we don’t want to submit to any rules.  There’s lots of enthusiasm and passionate and pure, unadulterated drive and this will be accelerated when Uranus enters Aries in March.  Jupiter will remain in Aries until June 5, at which point it will move into Taurus and have a grounding influence which will be very helpful as we move into some of the summer’s more challenging planetary cycles.

This kind of energy with Jupiter and Uranus in Aries is very exciting for people that have a lot of fire and air in their charts.  They love this opening door of freedom, and the feeling of change in the air.  Others of us that are more conservative or cautious by nature may find this big push of energy flying around somewhat frightening.  It’s important to remember that this is the time to break free of old patterns and beliefs that hold us back.  We can’t go back through the door – the old ways are gone.  Human consciousness is accelerating now and we have to break through the barriers that keep us stuck in a box.

Physical exercise will help us to release any energy that we cannot handle, and help to ground us so that we can better utilize the flow of electricity and magnetism that is affecting us right now.

The last conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus occurred in 1968 – in fact, the Apollo mission landed on the very day of the second phase of that conjunction.  At that time, the Uranus/Pluto conjunction of 1962-1968 occurred first, creating the breakdown of the old ways, and then the shift into consciousness occurred with Jupiter and Uranus (in Virgo at that time).  This time the shift in consciousness of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction occurs first, and then when Pluto squares Uranus next year the changes in the outer world and global transformation occur in response to the alterations of the inner world.



Predictions for 2011

In looking ahead at 2011, Astrologically, we can see there are some themes that will continue, some that will/have ended and some completely new ones that will come into play.
In my book, The Astrological Karma of the USA, I predicted that during this time there might be some intense energies bearing upon our relationships with our allies. That has been evident in some of the testiness in our relationships with allies such as Afghanistan and Israel. The latest manifestation of the inner realities of our government’s feelings and attitudes about our allies has been in the revelation of classified government communications by Wiki Leaks.
A continued stress in our relationships with allies will continue, with some peaking aspects at the end of the year.
One theme that has played itself out is the two-year period of five Uranus/Saturn oppositions, the freedom (Uranus) vs. responsibility (Saturn) battles, which I related last year to both sides of the healthcare debate. The last big performance of this tension was the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
Those oppositions have ended, but Saturn went on to conjunct the natal Saturn of the U.S. (the infamous Saturn Return) and square our Sun in Cancer. This tension between a caring, nurturing Sun in Cancer and a restrictive, limitation in our house of ‘role in the world’ is something that I have used to explain such American conflicts as the North and South in the Civil War, and the conservative and liberal elements of the U.S. This tension and conflict, and the need to find a way to heal and integrate this conflict, will be a major challenging theme in the year ahead, although 2012 is where this tension gets really testy. Obviously the conservative and liberal political elements are becoming more and more polarized and this is likely to continue.
One nation that has been in the news recently that bears some consideration in 2011 is North Korea. (and our ally South Korea) The planet in their chart which I am watching is their Neptune in the Fifth House of parent/child relationships and love affairs. Their Neptune is square to their Venus and I think this is relatable to their glorification of their leaders as Father figures, presently Kim Jong-Il and his father before him.
It reminds me of what Hilarion says about Communism. He says that Communism will never work because men will never recognize that they are truly brothers until they recognize a common father. My own comment is that the only times that Communism seems to work for a time is when they have a ‘father figure’ where Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, but human fathers always let you down in the end, even if it is just by dying.
In looking at North Korea one can see that there has been Saturnian tension on their Neptune over the past couple years and this is relatable to having to be real with the Saturnian limits of their great leader, i.e. his ill health and impending death. There has been some speculation that their recent belligerant behaviour towards South Korea has been some internal posturing relating to the transition of power to Kim Jong-Il’s son.
In June and July Uranus will oppose this Neptune which leads me to think that there could be some sudden change or impulsive action on the part of North Korea at that time, perhaps the demise of their great leader or some other sudden freedom from old patterns. Something to watch.
The planet Neptune is also the planet which is presenting the one new and highly significant Astrological theme arriving in 2011.
In the midst of Plutonian intensity on our allies, Saturnine responsibility and restriction, and Uranian needs for freedom, all of these being at some point in tension with each other in recent and approaching times, there is the entry of the second slowest moving planet, Neptune, into the sign that it rules, Pisces.
Neptune was ‘discovered’ in 1846 at 26 degrees Aquarius. Earlier this year Neptune completed its first observed orbit around the Sun, returning to its point of discovery. In relation to this first cycle of completion Astrologer Barbara Hand Clow has stated: “Once we have experienced the full orbit of a new planet, the archetype of that planet is then fully integrated into the human psyche.”
Essentially humanity is beginning a new relationship with the energy and potential of the planet Neptune.
The last time that Neptune entered Pisces was in 1847.  Pisces and Neptune are both related to either victimhood and suffering, or to compassionate, unconditional love. 1848 was the year that the Communist Manifesto was published, a document whose purpose was to address the inequality and suffering of the world’s poor. Astrologer Adrian Duncan has noted these other events during the last period of Neptune in Pisces:
“This was the period when Charles Dickens wrote his novels of social realism, and social democratic demonstrations shook the capitals of Europe. This was also a time when painters like Renoir, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Cezanne and Monet made their impressionist paintings, expanding the world of fantasy and imagination. On the scientific front Darwin’s theory of evolution completely undermined Christian tradition. The first photographs were taken, ultimately leading to the coming world of the movies. Anesthetics were used for the first time in hospitals. Opium became a socially acceptable drug. The accepted reality of the day was undermined and new spiritual, emotional and political realities took form.”
So it seems quite likely that themes of compassion for humanity’s suffering, or the suffering of the Earth herself, or spiritual ‘tests of faith’, new flights of imagination or escapism will come much more into play in the coming years.
To understand the deeper karmic reality of Pisces and Neptune it is useful to know the specific karmic lesson for someone who is born with the Sun in Pisces. The Ascended Master Hilarion says that someone who is Pisces is someone who has, in some previous lifetime, gone through an experience of emotional pain that was so great that it lead them to having taken their own life. This gives the Pisces, in this life, an echoing memory of a certain sadness that doesn’t have to relate to anything in this life, although we are always given additional baggage. Hilarion also says “the Piscean is allowed to tap a deep wellspring of compassion and sympathy for others in the hopes that by occupying himself with the concerns and sadnesses of others, he will forget the melancholy of the self and make of the life a shrine of dedication to others.
Pisces have to avoid two temptations, one is to avoid Neptunian temptations to try to escape the harshness of life through things like drugs and alcohol, or sleeping too much, or watching TV all of the time.
I just heard that with the advent of Internet based television we are soon about to have access to over 2000 TV channels. This is one manifestation of this coming time of Neptune in Pisces.
The other temptation that a Pisces individual must avoid is due to the fact that this is a hard world to be a Pisces. Pisces are very emotionally sensitive, and therefore vulnerable. This is a hard world to be emotionally vulnerable. Whenever I interpret an Astrology chart for a Pisces, very often I will see that if there is anything else in the chart that they can identify with instead, they will, whether it is their Leo Moon, or their Capricorn Rising, anything to pretend that they are not a Pisces.
Of course this is not who they really are, and it is not what their true gift and beauty is, and, they often end up marrying alcoholics and drug addicts to get them to live their Piscesness for them. Pisces men are more prone to this kind of denial and projection since socio-culturally it is more difficult for men to get into the compassionate aspect of Pisces. It is also more common for Pisces men to have problems with alcohol or drugs.
One person in the news to watch whose chart will be significantly triggered with Neptune’s entry into Pisces is Michele Obama. She has her Moon and Venus in the first degree of Pisces. Some deep sensitivity or vulnerability will be likely to be there. This could be a bit tricky for a self-reliant Capricorn, or Michele Obama could really bring that ambitious, hard-working Capricorn energy to bear with Piscean sensitivity and vulnerability, both within herself and in the world at large.
On April 4th Neptune will make its first dip into the Piscean waters, until it retreats back into Aquarius on August 4th, returning for 13 years in Pisces in February 2012.
So, this spring and summer will be a first taste of this vulnerable, mystical, compassionate, perhaps at times overly fantasiful and escapist God or Goddess of the Sea in its own sign.
There are ways in which Neptune in Pisces may have a large effect on the United States. First of all, the movement of our identity through the birthchart, the Progressed Sun, is now in the 7th degree of Pisces. It entered Pisces the day before the Bush/Kerry election in 2004 of which I made this comment:
“The Progressed Sun of the United States going into Pisces for the next thirty years, the day before the election, is highly significant. Pisces is a watery emotional sign, ruled by the planet Neptune, which can represent emotional sensitivity, healing compassion, and spiritual faith and surrender in positive aspect. And, in difficult aspect, it can represent illusion, confusion, delusion, victimhood and martyrdom. I pointed out that these energies would be in play no matter who won the election.”
 Our movement of identity through the sign of Pisces will continue for another 23 years. Pisces is a water sign, in harmony with the Sun sign of the U.S. namely Cancer, which is also where we have our Venus and our Jupiter. Neptune entering into Pisces and affecting our Progressed and Natal Suns could mean some quality of spiritual awakening, healing and compassion could emerge over the next several years, helping us to own the caring, nurturing qualities of Cancer potentially within our Astrological make-up.
In the years following Neptune’s last entry into Pisces in 1847 there were a lot of utopian spiritual movements coming to birth in America. This could happen again. It was also the time of the explosion of the ‘Spiritualist’ movement, those who believed in and practiced communication between the living and the dead. Here is a quote I found about the movement on the Unitarian Universalist Association:
“One event that precipitated "Modern Spiritualism," as it was called, was the 1847 publication of The Principles of Nature, composed by Andrew Jackson Davis, a young entranced seer from Poughkeepsie, New York. He claimed the spirit of Emanuel Swedenborg had dictated the book, an airy speculation on the evolution of the cosmos, culture and religion. In 1848 three young sisters, Margaret, Kate and Leah Fox, generated public excitement with their claim to have contacted spirits of the dead through telegraphic rapping in their home near Rochester. From the Fox sisters' experience came the pattern for the séance, or spirit circle. Soon many "mediums," especially sensitive to "impressions" from spirits, guided hopeful participants.
The number of spiritualists in America grew rapidly in the decade of the 1850s. Just before the Civil War spiritualists and non-spiritualists alike estimated the number as two to three million (out of a U.S. population of 30 million). Estimates varied wildly since spiritualism was never a systematically organized phenomenon. It was pervasive into the early 1870s and then began to fade, though never dying out completely.”
Of course today we call this channeling. Nonetheless there could again be a major uptake in a faith in the non-physical realm throughout the world and especially in the U.S.
I always call Pisces individuals ‘closet mystics,’ until they ‘come out.’ I think in this time period the ‘closet mystic’ of humanity will need to come out of the closet.
I am finishing up this article on Christmas day and would like to close with a quote from Jesus that author John Jocelyn associated with Pisces in his book, Meditations on the Signs of the Zodiac:
“If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life will lose it: and whosoever shall lose his life for my sake shall find it.” (St. Matthew 16: 24, 25)
Steffan Vanel

Do you know what is in store for your sign in 2011?

Here are some 2011 astrology predictions for each zodiac sign based on where the planets are on New Year’s Day.


Wealth and a career promotion are in store for you as money planet Jupiter brings blessings to your sign for the first six months of 2011. Starting in the spring, Neptune in Pisces will allow you to manifest a long-held and deeply cherished vision. The last half of the year Saturn in Libra puts your nose to the grindstone, but career success will ultimately be yours.


Saturn in Libra all year is encouraging your sign to play straight and get rid of all your debts, so you can purchase something that makes a dream come true. This spring, you will experience a deep and transformative emotional healing thanks to Chiron in the emotional sign of Pisces. Also this spring, Neptune in the Pisces allows you to finally get up the courage to face your feelings and manifest a new and happy future with the person you truly love.


The lunar eclipse of December 21st in 2010 in your sign gets rid of what is not working in your career and will likely bring you a way of making money that suits your talents. Neptune in Pisces brings an emotional breakthrough; the fears and insecurity that you have been experiencing as a matter of course will be gone. Wealth and career success are yours, as money planet Jupiter brings wonderful opportunities your way throughout 2011.


Saturn in Libra all year is going to encourage you to be more conservative about money. You will also be less eager to be friends with “just anyone” and may drop relationships that don’t work for you’re anymore. This spring, Chiron in the emotional sign of Pisces brings emotional healing and a peace of mind you have not known for some time. In April, Uranus in Aries is going to bring you a chance to make a great deal of money doing what you love; this wonderful stability will sustain and nurture you until at least 2018.


Wonderful opportunities to advance your career abound during the first six months of 2011, however watch your waistline as this type of configuration can also make you overweight. In April, Uranus in your fellow fire sign of Aries is likely to bring you a lucrative new job or entrepreneurial opportunity that will keep you quite prosperous until at least 2018. The last half of the year the Saturn in Libra has you working very hard towards a desired goal; it is important that everything be perfect so pay attention to detail.


Mars squaring Capricorn may have provided you with a wake-up call regarding a current partner that appears to be taking advantage of you and, in 2011, you may be required to make do with a promise to yourself to end this toxic situation. You awaken to a new spiritual awareness this spring thanks to Chiron in Pisces; you will be more confident about yourself and more optimistic that the universe will support you in all that you do. Saturn in Libra for the last six months of the year could have you working harder than you ever have in your life, but the financial rewards you reap will be well worth it.


The lunar eclipse of December 21st in 2010 in your sign is still felt and will help you find a better job in 2011. You will have an emotional breakthrough in the spring thanks to Neptune in Pisces. You will finally find the courage to be with the one you love. Saturn in Libra for the last half of the year will make things a little dull socially, but you will have all kinds of opportunities to get ahead in business. Working hard is generously rewarded the last half of the year.


Starting this February, Chiron in your fellow water sign of Pisces will bring you a spiritual awakening that has you growing emotionally and mentally into a more aware, compassionate individual. In April, you are likely to find a long-term job that provides you better financial security; Uranus in Aries will help you build a solid new foundation that stays stable until at least 2018. Pluto in Capricorn will continue to shake up and have you continually revaluating your closest relationships through the rest of the year.


You can expect to make a lot of money in the first six months of 2011 while Jupiter brings you unexpected bonuses and perks at work. Thanks to Uranus entering Aries in April, you will find yourself in a place of financial and career security that is likely to last you until 2018.The last six months Saturn in Libra requires that you spend many hard, disciplined hours trying to achieve a big goal, so you will have less time to spend on friends and family than usual. However, the rewards will be well worth the pain.


Mars in your sign continues to square Saturn causing family problems that revolve around property and money. The bickering you experienced all of 2010 is likely to continue unless you surrender to opposition. Chiron in Pisces may have you withdrawing from social interaction this spring; you will probably seek out psychotherapy to find out why your relationships have been so problematic. Pluto in your sign all of this year will have you continually examining and analyzing your relationships and trying to eliminate toxic situations and patterns.


The lunar eclipse of December the 21st in 2010 will help you find a job that is much more suited to your talents in the first half of 2011. Uranus in Aquarius brings you a specific window of opportunity to push a special idea through to fruition; you will have special luck when it comes to getting money to support your ideas right through to 2018. Pluto in Capricorn will have you evaluating why you have certain relationships in your life and whether they are draining or supporting you.


Your career thrives during the first six months of 2011, as wealth planet Jupiter brings you wonderful opportunities to get ahead and make more money. You also have a wonderful spiritual awakening that puts you on the right path to success this February as Chiron, a healing planet, enters for a long stay in your sign. Pluto in Capricorn all year may have you sorting out which relationships are worth your time and trouble and which ones have been too negative or wasting your time.

Neptune in Pisces

 It’s been a long time. Neptune was discovered on September 23, 1846 and as it takes 165 years to go around the Sun, it is only recently that it has returned to its discovery position, which was 26 degrees Aquarius. One year after its discovery Neptune entered the sign it was later to have rulership over… Pisces. We have just experienced a Neptune birthday, and on April 4, 2011 this enormous planet will enter Pisces once again. This is going to be quite an event.The discovery of Neptune coincided with worldwide social upheaval, which was mostly peaceful. In 1848 the Communist Manifesto was published, which was a response to the inhuman conditions in expanding cities where new factories were sprouting as a result of steam power and industrialization. This was the period when Charles Dickens wrote his novels of social realism, and social democratic demonstrations shook the capitals of Europe. This was also a time when painters like Renoir, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Cezanne and Monet made their impressionist paintings, expanding the world of fantasy and imagination. On the scientific front Darwin’s theory of evolution completely undermined Christian tradition. The first photographs were taken, ultimately leading to the coming world of the movies. Anesthetics were used for the first time in hospitals. Opium became a socially acceptable drug. The accepted reality of the day was undermined and new spiritual, emotional and political realities took form.

Here in 2010 we can now document the movement of Neptune through each of the twelve signs, and await a new spiral of Neptunian evolution. The function of Neptune is to expand our experience of so-called reality by introducing new dimensions of consciousness. It is a unifying force, making us aware that we are all in the same evolutionary boat. Neptune reveals the illusion of generally accepted truths. What we think of as truth is in the last analysis a relative concept. Whatever personal truth you hang on to as a buffer against reality, Neptune is happy to dissolve it. Awareness of the human condition, which for a large part is suffering, and an identification with fellow sufferers, gives the potential for the awakening of compassion, which is the spiritual enrichment that Neptune offers.

The collective influence of Neptune can especially be traced in the dominant media and myths of the time. Neptune in Libra showed the idealization of Hollywood romance, and the reality of the dissolution of the iconic relationships of celebrities. Neptune in Scorpio was free love (meaning free sex) and the drug scene of the 1960’s. Neptune in Sagittarius was the Star Wars period culminating in film star President Ronald Reagan’s dream of a space-based missile system. Neptune in Capricorn was Wall Street and the idealization of greed. And the recent transit of Neptune through Aquarius from January 1998 to April 2011 has coincided rather nicely with the ban on smoking in public buildings (who would have thought that possible?), the surge of the internet, all those Facebook friends, the democratization of the cinema through YouTube, Dot Com crashes and DreamWorks, aided and abetted of course by Uranus in Pisces, which for much of this period has been in reception with Neptune.

But the tone of the world is about to change, and it will change because of social unrest, which is the inevitable result of the draconic restrictions that must be imposed by governments trying to weather the meltdown of capitalism. For that is what the transit of Pluto through Capricorn represents, and when Pluto finally enters Aquarius in 2024, there will be little that remains of the autocratic structures that are currently being put in place to safeguard the banks and corporations whose survival is currently threatened.

There were 180 million unemployed people around the globe at the time the Great Recession started (which was when Pluto came into Capricorn in 2008); this figure has increased by 30 million in the last two years, the largest increase being in the United States. (Note 1) Youth unemployment in Spain has doubled to almost 40%. Workers in Europe are accepting pay freezes and pay cuts. With the replication of the Uranus/Pluto square from the 1930’s - but this time with Pluto in business-Capricorn, rather than nationalistic-Cancer - this recession is just about to bite. Any recovery will be excruciatingly slow, and it will be largely jobless. The loss of jobs in the US means that people are getting evicted from their homes, some to live in their cars, and when they cannot pay for the cars, then in tent cities springing up all over the country.

That is why Neptune is needed in Pisces. Forget the dreams of billionaire fortunes made by internet startups and social networking sites; what is needed now is universal concern for the millions of economically displaced people who have to resort to state handouts and charity. You could become one of them. The awareness of the suffering of the underprivileged has scarcely begun. What we will see over the next few years is the extreme polarization of right-wing solutions, which is part of the Uranus/Pluto effect in Aries/Capricorn, in contrast with left wing solutions, reflected by the Pluto/Neptune sextile from Capricorn to Pisces.

This process will take place in stages, with initial awareness and concern as Neptune dips its toe in the Piscean ocean on April 4, 2011, retreating to Aquarius again from August 5, 2011 to February 3, 2012, after which time there will be 13 straight years with Neptune in Pisces. Early in this period there will be good governance reflected by Saturn in Libra, which can be characterized as the time of President Obama.

It is when Saturn moves into Scorpio, in reception with Pluto in Capricorn and trining Neptune, that things get interesting. This combination is a strong counterpoint to the survivalist dictates of the Uranus/Pluto square, and shows a serious mobilization of state compassion. Generally this will coincide with left-leaning governments worldwide, though there could just as well be right-wing quasi-dictatorships. It is worth remembering that the year Neptune entered Pisces for the first time - 1847 - the Communist Manifesto was published with the memorable words “Workers of the world, unite!”

2013 is the year when the Saturn>Pluto>Neptune pattern really kicks in. Saturn enters Scorpio immediately trining Neptune, goes on to sextile Pluto then retrogrades to make a long trine to Neptune in June, July and August 2013.

The Saturn/Pluto sextile is tough love. The need for a transformation of existing state, business and banking structures will be strong, but nobody is going to use democratic methods to ask anybody for their point of view. This is emergency surgery, performed by powerful rulers through secretive and autocratic methods. Taxes will be ruthlessly imposed with a view to alleviate the social disasters of the time. There will be corruption and the rooting out of corruption. Industry barons will do all within their power to maintain their advantages at this time through strong links to government. But they will also be moved to reach out to the disadvantaged to alleviate their suffering, if only to burnish their image.

It is difficult for us to imagine at this stage the plight that society will find itself in. To give an example: On the exact day when Chiron, which is after all a very minor planetary body, moved into Pisces, the oil rig Deepwater Horizon exploded, leading to the biggest pollution disaster in American history. The oil poured out of an open wound in the ocean floor for many months and - in true Chiron fashion - could not be healed. There is a strong likelihood that the entry of Neptune into Pisces will have even more far-reaching consequences. No doubt this will bring a very strong focus on nature and the environment in the coming decade, but it will be the social conditions of the human family that will take precedence. Neptune’s arrival in Pisces can also bring fears of epidemics (note 2) but in the long run this influence is sure to bring wonderful advances in medicine, just as the last transit through Pisces brought chloroform and the wonders of anesthetics, as well as the first collective health schemes.

The transit of Neptune through Pisces will see the beginning of the ascendancy of Africa. In fact it was when Neptune entered Pisces in 1847 that the first African colony gained independence, when slaves freed in America returned to Africa and declared Liberia an independent country. Slaves liberated an enslaved land. It is likely that the growing worldwide food shortages can be alleviated by more effective farming in Africa, which currently is very inefficiently cultivated, and the riches found in agricultural, mineral and oil reserves will finally bring prosperity.

The sensitivity of nations to food shortages will probable be one of the major sources of unrest in the developing world in the coming period. Here in 2010 drought and fires in Russia have led to a ban on wheat exports and prices worldwide have risen over 60% leading in turn to the danger of food riots in countries that traditionally import a lot of wheat, like Egypt. Back in 1847 there was famine in Europe, and over the next 13 years two million immigrants arrived in New York… over a million being Irish. (Note 3)

In response to shortages, harvesting the sea will also be undertaken on a vast scale in this period, and with mass production of factory fish, a much greater awareness of the ecological downsides of the process will dawn, leading to more humane standards for fish. Extraction of oil from the ocean will play an even greater role, and as a shortage of oil begins to threaten the smooth functioning of industry, vast undersea reserves will be exploited in previously pristine environments around Greenland and in the Arctic.

Neptune in Pisces will bring a global focus on the suffering of humanity and a corresponding urge to alleviate this suffering through social change. The social upheaval that shook Europe from 1848 - 1850, as the Communist Manifesto was translated into every European language, resulted in a revolution in Czechoslovakia (successfully suppressed), in Austria (suppressed but serfdom abolished and emperor abdicates), Budapest, Berlin, Milan and Rome, Ireland and Britain (the Chartist movement). In France students and workers seized Paris, and a new French Republic was proclaimed. Thousands of workers died as the French military put down the revolt. France was the European country most marked by the entry of Neptune into Pisces, and the 1848 revolution led to the abandonment of the monarchy and the establishment of the Second Republic, founded with a Sun/Neptune conjunction in Pisces. (It did not last long).

Neptune’s influence in a sign is not necessarily as drastic as that of Uranus or Pluto, but it reaches deep and subtly alters everything. For example it was after Neptune entered Capricorn that the Iron Curtain was torn down and the Berlin Wall fell. This was the beginning of a new political order in Russia (and the world) which initially caused immense hardship for the people. But there was euphoria too for those who felt liberated from decades of repression. When Neptune entered Aquarius in January 1998 (which it did simultaneously with Bill Clinton saying those famous words: “I never had sexual relations with that woman” - the biggest and funniest media lie ever) it was the time when the world was bewitched by the virtual world, and dot com millionaires made their fortune. We all relocated to cyberspace and people dematerialized to reappear as ghostly presences on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and the rest. A global unification was created, but digital revolution also created the web of financial structures that brought financial chaos and dissolution.

Neptune in Pisces will bring a need for spiritual content. Not the digital psychics and clairvoyants who have thrived with Uranus in Pisces, but for compassion-centered altruism. People will withdraw from the small comfort of a Facebook universe - sell your shares now (it’s a bubble) - and seek privacy and seclusion. Suffering will be too real for dabblers in spirituality, and true solidarity will be found in helping people who are in situations where - but for the grace of God - you could find yourself.

Adrian Ross Duncan

Pluto Enters Capricorn

January 25, 2008 10:44 pm - March 23, 2023

The planet Pluto represents the deeps, the bottom of the well, the unexplored depths of darkness.
Pluto in the year 2008 will enter in Capricorn, and its passage will last until 2024.
It 's interesting to note that this planetary combination shows the depths with Pluto,
and the heights with Capricorn, the sign of the “Mountain Goat”.
It is a vertical movement, either from above to below, or, the other way around.
Vertical is a very spiritual direction, if it points upward! The inferior opens up to the Superior.
Both deal with the right use of power, and the right use of the will.
The enormous potential of this combination can have a regenerative effect on the masses.
The process will be slow in motion, Pluto is a slow-moving planet ,
and because Capricorn is a cautious, patient, target-oriented sign,
we can figure out the reformer and structural impact.
Both are working in alliance, to ameliorate the social scene.
Capricorn rules political leaders, the government, and people in positions of social power.
Pluto's power is polarized. It is extreme, tending either to the harmonious or to the disharmonious.
This will make politics more black and white but whichever political wing gains
power, the masses will exercise more active participation.
Distorted Plutonian power, has to do with money, sex, abuse, etc.
Pluto is raw power wherever it is used for selfish ends
it will have a boomerang effect upon selfish individuals, or nations.
Pluto in Capricorn can break crystallized old concepts, structures, and outlived forms of government.
It rules the homoeopathic principle in medicine, and will bring purifying change
to whatever needs to be cleared up.
The generation of children born under this configuration can well be called: ”The Reformers”.
We are entering into the period of 2500 years of the Aquarian Age, this will introduce a general growth of consciousness.
This combination of Capricorn with Pluto can challenge the status-quo of those who hold unequal power.
Ultimately, we are referring to power unequal to their Soul's development. So, for the individual, so for a nation.
By Leni Sibilio



A Solar Eclipse is when there is a New Moon, the Sun and Moon are together.
A Lunar Eclipse is when there is a Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are opposite.

Influence of the Moon
    As the Moon goes along her way, she magically appears and disappears, Waxing to Full from the barest silver of a crescent just after she's New, then Waning back to her invisible New phase again. The four quarters - the New Moon, the second quarter, the Full Moon, and the fourth quarter - correspond to the growth cycle of living things.
First Quarter/New Moon
   This phase begins when the Moon and Sun are together in the sky or conjunct to one another. At the beginning of the phase, the Moon is invisible , hidden by the brightness of the Sun as they travel the sky together. The Moon is often said to be in her "dark phase" when she is New, and toward the end of this phase, the Moon pulls father away from the Sun and begins to Wax or grow toward the second stage, when a delicate silver crescent will appear. The first quarter corresponds with all New beginnings; this is the time to begin a project.
Second Quarter
The second quarter begins when the Moon has moved 90 degrees away from the Sun. At this point, the Waxing Moon rises at about noon and sets about midnight. She can be seen in the western sky during the early evening hours as she grows from  a crescent to her Full beauty. This period corresponds with the development of life, and with projects that are coming close to fruition.
Third Quarter/Full Moon
This phase begins with the Full Moon, which is when the Sun and Moon are opposite to one another in the sky - literally in opposition - and the Moon is reflecting all of the Sun's light. She is perfectly round at this point and well able to light the night - so well, in fact, that she casts Moon-shadows. It's now that she can be seen rising in the East at sunset, a bit later each night as this phase progresses. This is a time that corresponds with the culmination of plans, with maturity and completion. As she begins now to Wane - or decrease - our plans come to bear, and we see the concrete results of the actions we initiated with the New Moon.
Fourth Quarter
This phase occurs when the Moon has moved 90 degrees past the Full phase. At this time, she decreases in light and rises at midnight. She can be seen now in the eastern sky during the late evening hours and doesn't reach her highest point in the sky until early in the morning. This period in her journey corresponds with "disintegration" or a symbolic drawing back to reflect on accomplishments. It's now time to reorganize, clear the boards, and plan for the next New Moon stage.

Mercury Retrograde: A Communication Breakdown
The way retrograde movement seems to affect our affairs is a bit involved. Every three months, Mercury goes through a retrograde period of three weeks. When this happens, it means the head of the Communications Department isn't paying close attention to where he's going because he's watching where he came from. Mercury doesn't tend to details as carefully as usual. And because Mercury correlates with Hermes, the original trickster, some of these errors can be very cleverly disguised. 
    All types of communications become confused, delayed, or misunderstood during Mercury retrograde. Letters are lost, sent to Auckland instead of Oakland, or stuffed under the car seat for three weeks. We sign a contract or agreement and find out later that our information was incorrect or what we signed was misleading in some way. We try repeatedly to reach someone via telephone but can never catch them, or our communications devices themselves break down or garble information in some way. The written word falls victim to Mercury's retrograde via constant errors. Our timing is off and short trips become difficult. We forget directions at home or write them incorrectly. We're late for or completely forget about our appointments.
    So, is there a constructive use of this time period? Aren't all planetary energies good for something? Astrologer Erin Sullivan has noted that the ratio of time Mercury spends moving retrograde to direct, or forward, corresponds with the amount of time humans spend awake and asleep - about a third of the time. So this period can be a time to take stock of what's happened and to assimilate our experiences just as we do when we sleep. New plans don't go forward well during Mercury retrograde because we're not supposed to be moving forward, just reviewing the past in preparation for our next stage of activity. A good rule of thumb with Mercury retrograde is to try to undertake activities that have "re" attached to the beginning of the word: reschedule, repair, return, rewrite, redecorate, restore, replace, renew, renovate.

Retrogrades of the Other Planets
As for the other planets, their retrogrades seem to work the same way. With Venus retrograde, relationships and money matters are delayed or muddled. With Mars retrograde, aggressors or initiators of battle are defeated, and new activities are confused or end up at cross-purposes to original intentions.


Chinese Zodiac Forecast for the Year of the OX



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