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Astrology for Beginners      $12.95
By: William W. Hewitt
An Easy Guide to Understanding & Interpreting Your Chart
Learn the basics of astrology in one easy-to-read book! This popular introductory guide starts with the philosophy of astrology and simple definitions of its terms. Next it explains all of the essentials, including planets, houses, aspects and chart construction and interpretation. 




Key Words for Astrology   $16.95 
By: Hajo Banzhaf & Anna Haebler
This excellent manual for beginning students provides a firm foundation in traditional astrological terms and interpretation. Its format, with planetary glyphs in the margins and superior organization, makes it an indispensable, ready reference work for students of astrology.




Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need          By: Joanna M. Woolfolk
Understand yourself, your lover, your family and friends. Discover what kind of people you attract, and why. Read about astrology and health, the sun signs in love, the influence of the planets in your destiny. Learn how to anticipate trends and opportunities. Casting your own chart. This is one of our best selling books.   $14.95.




Illustrated Guide to Astrology
By: Judy Hall                     $14.99
Here, in the beautiful, lushly illustrated guide to the zodiac, is the history of astrology and all its major figures, along with answers to your questions about how it works, and a summary of the different branches. Unlock the mysteries of the stars and planets and get the key to a lifetime's happiness and success!



American Ephemeris for the 21st Century                2000 to 2050 
Noon or Midnight                    $18.95
Sun and Moon longitudes
Planet longitudes 
Moon's true Node
Direct/Retrograde Station times
Aspectarian of the outer Planets
Lunar/Solar Eclipses
Void of Course Moon
And Much More!




Time for Magick                 $12.95     Planetary Hours for Meditations, Rituals & Spells  By: Maria Kay Simms This book shows you how to work toward your magickal, spiritual, or mundane goals in harmony with the movements of the planets. Here you will learn easy techniques for planning ahead with astrology. You'll gain a new understanding of the themes of the Sun, Moon, and all eight planets of basic astrology. Don't wait and wonder what the planets may mean to your fate. Take charge of your destiny by directing planetary energies to your best advantage!




Do It Yourself Relationship Astrology                            $19.95
By: Lyn Birkbeck
This author gives everyone the opportunity to access the wisdom and insight of astrology in a simple way. Here he applies his easy to use style of astrology to that complex but universal issue of relating. Attractively presented and illustrated. A complete and practical guide to successful relationships whether you are in one, out of one or somewhere in between.


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