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Forms of the Feminine Spirit
Windstone Editions
"Kuan Yin Candlelamp"
by Maya Hill
This elegant interpretation of Kuan Yin has the ability to hold both our inner and our outer world. Her graceful arms are outstretched down into the earthly realms and up into the heavenly realms. Like the Yin Yang symbol, the positive and the negative, she holds human relationships, emotional involvement and our need for belonging. For indoor use only.
Size: 12" tall. 





Spiral Goddess 8"  $35.00
or Spiral Lord
This delicate Spiral Goddess was designed for Sacred Source by sculptor Abby Willowroot in conjunction with the Goddess 2000 Project, whose simple goal is to place a Goddess Shrine on every block in every city on Earth. Spiral-force or serpent force is the Goddess energy. From deepest Prehistory onwards, the spiral was associated with horns and snakes, and symbolized dynamism, fertility and the vital magic of life. Profusions of spirals decorate ancient temples in Ireland, Malta and Mycenea, as well as countless pictographic monuments throughout the world. Here the Goddess raises her arms, invoking the spiral-power within Her. On the reverse, her arms are joined in the "drawing down the moon" gesture. A leafless tree represents the Goddess rooted in the Earth, swelling toward regeneration while bathed in the glow of waxing, full, and waning moons.
Also Available in Black


Nile Candle Shrine  $25.00

This gentle and evocative little shrine comes with replaceable tea-light. Perfect for your next full moon ritual. Light blue Gypsumstone.



Aradia  8.5"  $39.00
Strong, lovely and charismatic, Aradia (her name is derived from Herodias, queen of witches) was the daughter of moon goddess Diana. She is a timeless spiritual entity, embodying Kore in her power, Aphrodite in her beauty, and Diana in her courage and love of wild places. She was sent to Earth as prophetess of the religion of witchcraft, with the mission of protecting women from the oppressions of feudalism. With her broomstave of power, her cloak of mystery, and her knowledge of every plant, she gave fright to the Inquisition. Aradia taught women how to invoke the full moon at midnight, sprinkling salt from a red bag while asking favors of the Goddess. With quiet authority she proclaims "Never Again the Burning!" Note the small pentacle on reverse of Aradia's cloak-hem.


Priestess of the Elements Statue 7.5"  $45.00
Goddess Priestess Invoking the powers of Nature with upraised arms, she summons Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Swirling waves of the sea, trees of the land, the fire of her lightning halo, and the dynamic spiral of air combine, within the Great Goddess, in the dance of creation, while the sacred triple moon of the Queen of Heaven presides over all. This piece represents the eternal moment that is now.


Hanuman -- a monkey god possessing immense physical strength and cunning.  $39.00
Hanuman is the selfless helper and devotee of Rama, and is the main deity in many villages in India.
Hanuman performs various feats of strength and agility including leaping over to Sri Lanka from India and preventing the female demon Surasa from swallowing him by growing enormously longer.
He is the son of Vayu (Shiva) the source of his strength, but he also posseses great humility and chastity -- a true devoted follower of Rama. For his unswerving loyalty and bravery, Rama (Vishnu) rewarded him with eternal life and youth.
Hanuman has amazing powers but must be reminded of this by his devotees.
Bronze finish resin statuehis gentle and evocative little shrine comes with replaceable tea-light. Perfect for your next full moon ritual. Light blue Gypsumstone.



Kuan Yin        $49.99
These elegant statues are made of white porcelain. Kuan Yin, the goddess of mercy and compassion brings a sense of peace  in any location! These special versions drip water from her vase into the dragon's or fish's mouth below. Kuan Yin  pours out her compassion onto the world from her vase! Simply fill the mouth with pure water, turn Kuan Yin upside down for a moment then stand her up again. The water will gently drip from her vase into the dragon's mouth! Let her pour out her compassion while meditating  or praying, then later use the water to sprinkle around a location for cleansing, healing and clearing energies.



Buddha       4" $7.50     6" $12.00
Classic Buddha of white polyresin with highly detailed stone-like finish for superb realism. The essence of the Ancient orient delicately crafted stone-like art brings to the New World a lasting glimpse of the elegance of a time gone by. Buddha images provide a serene and reassuring reminder of the basic tenets of Buddhist religion.  Just as Buddhist religion is practiced in many different ways, Buddhist imagery also serves a wide variety of ritual purposes and has different meanings for different people.




Fairy on the Crescent Moon
"Fairy Tsukino"

A beautiful serene Fairy with a graceful swan resting on her knee.

10" tall   $49.00


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