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Though we can trace it's course very far, Hinduism is the oldest of the great religions.  
Rather than a single doctrine or a single system of worship it is a broad confluence of ideas and attitudes.


The world's third largest religion

Hinduism differs from Christianity and other Western religions in that it does not have a single founder, a specific theological system, a single system of morality, or a central religious organization. It consists of "thousands of different religious groups that have evolved in India since 1500 BCE."

Hinduism has grown to become the world's third largest religion, after Christianity and Islam. It claims about 762 million followers - 13% of the world's population. It is the dominant religion in India, Nepal, and among the Tamils in Sri Lanka. According to the "Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches," there are about 1.1 million Hindus in the U.S. The "American Religious Identification Survey" is believed to be more accurate.  They estimated smaller number: 766,000 Hindus in 2001. Still, this is a very significant increase from 227,000 in 1990. Statistics Canada estimates that there are about 157,015 Hindus in Canada. 
Religions which recognize the existence of multiple deities have traditionally been among the world's most religiously tolerant. Hinduism remains arguably one of the most tolerant of such religions. However, during the past few years, a Hindu nationalistic political party has controlled the government of India. The linkage of religion, the federal government and nationalism has led to a recent degeneration in the separation of church and state in India. This, in turn, has decreased the level of religious tolerance in that country. The escalation of anti-Christian violence is one manifestation of this linkage. 
Hinduism is generally regarded as the world's oldest organized religion.

As Hinduism progresses great tributary streams flow into it. Four are of special importance: the ancient Yoga tradition with the Sankhya philosophy to which it is linked; the Vendanta, the 'way of knowledge', stemming from the Upanishadic sages; the great Bhakti or devotional movement; and finally the Tantric tradition, with its emphasis upon the 'feminine' aspect of reality. These four elements, interacting with one another and woven together with the Vedic core, are the basis of Hinduism and the images that surround

The elephant headed God of good luck, wisdom and success,
Ganesh, is also the defender and remover of obstacles.



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Wrathful form of Paravati also know as Mahishamardini "The one who killed the demon Mahisha or 'Man'" (Very popular with females!). She is represented with many arms and a weapon in each hand as she is commonly depicted riding her mount the lion.



We have several styles and sizes of Durga Statuary 


Shiva/Nataraj in Ring of Fire
The dancer of creation, lord of joy and sorrow, Nataraj's dance symbolizes lifes ebb and flow and the intricate balance between form and void. Surrounded by a whirling flame of cosmic energy, Nataraj stands upon the demon of spiritual ignorance.



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Laxmi is the Goddess of Wealth and is usually found in a sitting position.



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Krishna is the 8th incarnation of Vishnu.  He is considered to be the most popular and beloved hero of Hindu mythology symbolizing devotion, love, joy and music.



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Consort of Laksmi, Vishnu represents knowledge and wisdom.



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The warrior, the protector, Hanuman is the guardian of Lord Rama & Sita. Hanuman
aided Lord Rama in the defeat and destruction of Ravana, the ten headed demon king.



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Unlike much Western mythology, Hinduism at all times has recognized the feminine principle, most prominently in the form of consort to Shiva or Shiva-Shakti. The male power, is useless without this energizing female power, conceived of in its benign form as Paravati, and in its fierce or destructive form as Kali. In this terrifying aspect, the goddess drips blood from her devouring mouth, and her huge sword has beheaded the demon Ignorance, while her other two hands signify the blessing implied by this spiritual deed.



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Saraswati is the Goddess of learning, poetry and music and all those who worship her are believed to confer wisdom and learning. She is generally represented seated holding the Bina with both of her hands.



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The teachings of Buddha developed in India as a reformative outgrowth of hinduism and provided an extensive cosmological picture, a basis for ethical behavior and a self-empowering philosophy on life. Statues of the Buddha and his innumerable incarnations, called bodhisattvas, symbolizes self realization and serves to focus a meditators inward devotional practice.



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Legend of Kuan Yin

Legend of Buddha

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