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We provide a Professional Qualified Medium , for Sťance Gatherings in the Tampa Bay Area, 
at a location of your choice or at our Center. 
We prefer no more than 8 persons. 
 Only  $180.00  for up to 3 hours.
Call the Center to make arrangements... (727) 530-9994

Sťance is a meeting to receive communications from Spirits, 
a French word meaning "seat, session." 
Sťances are direct communication with spirit forms
through a Medium, where attendees frequently experience
the "presence" by sight, sound, or various other sensations. 
It generally involves communication between the physical realms
and one or more entities in other dimensions.
There are no guarantees that a spirit you specifically
wish to communicate with will be "available." 
A Sťance is like placing a phone call. 
You can call, but the party doesn't always answer.
However, most often when a spirit does appear,
it is there to communicate with someone present.
The environment is critically important to a successful Sťance.
Therefore a quiet, pleasant, and positive atmosphere is essential.
Equally important are the attendees, willingness, purpose of intent,
and a receptive knowledgeable qualified Medium. 
All in attendance must maintain a loving and positive attitude.
Possessing some degree of Metaphysics
ensures understanding and increases the opportunity for success;
however, this is not a necessity.

Preparing for a Sťance...

Find a place that is quiet and comfortable for all of those attending.
Lights may be adjusted for ambiance...or normal room lighting is used.
It is best to be seated around a table, in a circle of chairs or on the floor, holding hands.
Attendees should plan to not break the circle at any time.
Place some candles on the table, in the center of the circle, preferably white, divisible by 3.
Crystals and other spiritual objects on the table are suggested.
Burning incense is helpful, Frankincense and Sandalwood are best.
Music is usually preferred, relaxing, soft meditative type.
Room ventilation and temperature are important.
Phones, pagers and other unexpected noises should not be present.
Prayer of Protection is always necessary. This is simple, but works just fine.
"God, please protect me and keep me in Your white light,
let no harm come to me or through me."
Breathe deeply and slowly.  Follow your Medium.......they will guide you.
As the Medium begins to call Spirit
you may experience physical things in the room
noises, cool air blowing, a tickling sense of touch, smells of aromas,
cigars, cooking, etc. The table may lift.
Not all spirits will be human.
Some we may know, some we may not. Some may be our Spirit guides.
A Sťance can be a wonderful healing experience.

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