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We all have hunches, gut feelings, or intuitive insight. The feeling one gets when first hearing about something or someone, or the first impression when we meet someone new...these are all simply our intuition. Intuition is the basis of many of the Intuitive Art forms we know today.
Psychics, Channeling, Astrology, Tarot, Palm Reading and other Intuitive Arts have regained acceptance in the mainstream as just another form of "perceptive counseling".

Intuitive Learning Process:

There are three stages our mind goes through in learning to comprehend a situation or idea:

1. Sensory Perception is the process in which we decipher information that is received in the cerebral cortex from the lower sensory or motor area. It is the perceiving or intuitive act that we receive when we see something, touch or feel something, hear or smell something. In turn, we deduct a situation in our minds based on these small, intense discoveries.

2. Surrender is the action of yielding one's person or giving up the possession of something or into the power of another. By letting go, it leaves us exposed, opened, vulnerable, defenseless. Only by surrendering, are we completely and fully able to allow the universe to take over and truly lead us to the most natural and simple path. By allowing this path of least resistance into your life, you receive what is intended!

3. Illumination is receiving power! There is nothing more enlightening than looking at something you do not understand or quit comprehend until that moment when suddenly, it becomes so very clear to you, that you just cannot believe you did not see it in the first place! This self-discovery, or illumination we experience is one of the greatest gifts we can receive. This is due, in many ways, to our sensory perceptions which takes place in this discovery process and the ability to allow ourselves to surrender.

This Intuitive Learning Process is something we can apply to ANY situation in our lives! Whether learning a craft, understanding the computer, or accepting any given situation, this process will help you to "open your mind" and allow new ideas, new creativity, and new insight to flow freely. Try it!

Priorities of Life:

There are the Priorities of Life. These are the attributes and ideals which take precedence in our lives. Each one begins with a Life Affirmation to guide us and give us reassurance. Then, it is followed by elements related to it. Read over them carefully. See which one draws your attention. Which ones do you require? From there you can go on to find a related color, crystal, oil, tea, herb or Guiding Principle, which you will find to be wonderful "tools" in achieving your ultimate goal: BALANCE.

Each of us seek to find something new which will take us to the next level in our lives. As humans, we constantly need something to believe in, have faith in, and have hope for. It could be from the simplest pleasures of having a good day to the beginning of a new relationship, good health, or self-balance. Believing, hoping, and having faith that we will find what we seek is the life-thread which keeps us going to the next minute, the next day, the following year.


It is no secret that the art of healing is centuries old. The dramatic rituals of the South American and Mexican Shamans and the healing plants of herbalists are used throughout the world. Native North American Indians believe everything in nature has a spirit and these spirits can help in healing us. The traditional Chinese healers utilize herbs, acupuncture, and other methods to connect our flow of energy. Emphasizing healing by using our bodies and our minds is the ancient Ayurveda healing system of India.
The Guiding Principles are based on all these forms of folk rituals of healing and utilizing the power of the mind, as well as the body, in order to get the desired outcome. Most of the Guiding Principles are based around an action or set of actions and the affirming words used to achieve the results. Like everything in life, there are rules to abide by. The Affirmation Rules explain how to get your best results.

1. These helpful and guiding words are used for positive reinforcement.
They will benefit you and others. These are not words to control or manipulate others.
2. What you ask to effect others for reasons of compassion and good will, return to you three fold. What you ask to effect another for reasons of selfishness or pain will also return to you three fold.
3. Remember to think carefully about what you really want, before you ask, for once you have it, you may feel differently about it.
4. Show honor and respect to yourself and to others. If you compromise your own integrity or another's, you will have to face the pain and suffering from both points of view.
5. Be careful what you wish for.
6. For any of these words to work, you MUST focus all of your thoughts and attentions to what you intend to achieve with these words.
7. You must visualize your goals...see it as if it were happening at that moment. Hold the image of that goal in your mind. Don't just say the words...speak them firmly, putting all your emotions into them.
8. Concentrate
9. Relax
10. Let It Go

Belief in Ourselves:

Belief is one of our most powerful assets. With the ability to believe, you can accomplish nearly anything! The more you believe in yourself, the more you will definitely accomplish. Do you think you can lose 20 lbs, stop smoking, jump over a wall without touching it? If you said NO, then you would not be able to. If you said Yes, then you certainly would be able. It's just as simple as that. When we face situations that are near physical or mental impossibilities, then it is our belief system, or belief in ourselves, that determines IF it is possible.

Our body and minds are stronger and more complex than most people think. We are capable of much more. People place too many limits on what they can do. Learning to believe in yourself and your abilities is a hard job that never ends. Although, it does get easier with time. You need to start pushing yourself. Attempting things that are just outside your ability,  you have to believe you can go past your limits. By putting in the time and effort you WILL succeed. As you succeed, your confidence will grow. The trick to this is, every time you reach what you believe is your limit, remind yourself that you can do more. Always assume that you can do more than you already have accomplished. One of the best things about expanding your limits, is that things that used to be impossible, can now be a part of your everyday life!
By building the belief in your ability, you can accomplish anything in life.

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