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When the Moon is Full in the constellation of Scorpio and the Sun is in Taurus (usually the Full Moon in late April or May), a world-wide event takes place that is oftentimes referred to as Wesak. In the East, this date also marks a celebration of Gautama Buddha's birth, attainment of Buddhahood, and His departure from the physical body.

He was born Siddharta Gautama in northern India at Kapilavatthu on the border of modern Nepal in the period between 623 B.C. and 563 BC on the day of the Full Moon in May. He was the son of the king and queen of the Sakya kingdom. Receiving an education befitting a royal son, Prince Siddharta married and had a son. He led a luxurious life at home and was blissfully unaware of the sufferings and sorrows of life outside the palace gates. In his twenty-ninth year, realizing the fleeting nature of physical life and the vanity of material pleasures, he resolved to leave his palace in search of Truth and Peace.

It was on the night of the full moon in May that Siddartha sat on the grass under the famous fig tree (Bodhi tree) at Buddhagaya. He entered into a very deep meditation, during which veil after veil was lifted that covered the face of Truth. Finally, He beheld the fullness of that blessed Truth, which completely transfigured Him. He obtained perfect Enlightenment (Samma Sambodhi) in his thirty-fifth year. Gaining the attainment of "Buddha" (The Awakened One), He was thereafter known as Gautama Buddha (Buddha Gotama).

Having successfully completed His noble mission in His eightieth year, He retired to Kusinara, a small hamlet, and lying on a couch between two Sala trees, passed out of physical limitations and Ascended in a peaceful state of mind on a Wesak Full Moon Day more than 2500 years ago.

In some parts of Asia, the Wesak Festival has been regarded as a public holiday for centuries. It is a day of reunion, of pilgrimage and of joyful expectancy. Devotees believe the most important things to practice are the good virtues of kindness and generosity to all living things. There are stands by the sides of some roads from which free food or drinks are given to people walking by. The streets are filled with entertainers, pageants, and happiness. The celebration begins at dawn when devotees gather at the temples to meditate on the Eight Precepts. Common traditions include the giving of donations and food to the needy, as well as the offerings of incense and prayers in the homes and temples. The Sutras are chanted in unison by monks in saffron robes. The celebration is highlighted by a candle light procession. In Sri Lanka, Buddhists dress in white and carry baskets of flowers to the local monasteries. Buddhists all over the world decorate monasteries with Buddhist flags, lanterns, and flowers. Some people donate blood to hospitals, while others hand out free spiritual books. It is considered a very holy day. However only a handful of the spiritually minded recognize the Inner Significance of the day.

The dates of Christian holy days are established by past events or by happenings which occurred centuries ago. The Wesak Festival is in recognition of a present living event. This Heavenly Event takes place annually at the time of the full moon of Taurus (often called the "May Full Moon"), and at that event there is released upon Earth (according to the measure of man's demand) the Blessing of God Himself, transmitted through Gautama Buddha and Lord Maitreya, the Cosmic Christ. This happening has its physical / etheric counterparts. Paralleling the spiritual ceremony, an event of importance also takes place simultaneously in a little valley in Tibet, on the further side of the Himalayas. It is there that the earthly ceremony of blessing takes place, and to that valley many people in and around the district find their way as pilgrims towards the Light. There a solemn ritual is performed, which can be as definitely seen and heard as can any ceremonial in any of our great cathedrals.


From the Ascended Masters' perspective, the annual celebration of Wesak is the holiest day of the year. It occurs each year at the Full Moon of Taurus, and is the high point of incoming spiritual energies to the planet. It is the time when all the inner plane disciples, initiates and Ascended Masters from the East and West gather in the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas to celebrate Lord Buddha's birthday, day of enlightenment and ascension. It is a time for all the Masters to come together and commune in fellowship and to regenerate and rejuvenate before another year of world service. This celebration has been going on for eons of time.

In 1995 a most amazing occurrence took place in the history and evolution of Planet Earth. Beloved Sanat Kumara, our Planetary Logos for over 18.5 million years, moved on to a higher rung of his cosmic evolution, and beloved Lord Buddha stepped in to take his place as Planetary Logos. The Planetary Logos could be likened to the president of the planet in a spiritual or hierarchical sense. My Beloved Readers, I think you can see that this historic event makes the celebration of Wesak even more significant than ever before. This is because Lord Buddha ensouls the entire Earth and all her inhabitants within his auric field and heart. In essence, Lord Buddha is the being who is now responsible for the evolution of all kingdoms (mineral, plant, animal and people) of the Earth.

So this brings us now to the issue of world peace. Lord Buddha has always been the embodiment of peace and tranquility. The entire Earth and all her inhabitants now live and move within this auric vibration and resonance. When the atomic structure of the twelve body system of the Earth begins to rotate and spin within the resonance and quality of the Planetary Logos, it basically charges the entire electrical circuitry of the entire planet from within to without.

Thirdly, the aspect of all inner plane masters, disciples, initiates and Ascended Beings from all paths, religions, traditions and spiritual affiliations gathering together in oneness and unity, is the ultimate demonstration of world peace at its core and very essence.

At the actual Wesak ceremony this light, love, and peace is transmitted by Lord Buddha to beloved Lord Maitreya, our Planetary Christ, which is then disseminated to the Chohans of the Rays and to the entire Spiritual Hierarchy simultaneously. This love, light and peace then rains down upon Earth and all her inhabitants. So we see the fourth way and manner that Wesak catalyzes world peace for the planet.

Fifthly, there are so many thousands of masters at Wesak in the Himalayas. All the peace each Master individually receives is then taken by them and spread the entire year to all of the initiates and disciples under their care, and into their service work on Planet Earth. So we see, my Beloved Readers, the ramifications for Wesak bringing about world peace are astronomical.

By the grace of God and the Masters, I have taken on the spiritual assignment of holding an extremely large global event each year in Mt. Shasta for 2000 disciples, initiates and Ascended Beings on Earth, to celebrate Wesak in coordination with the simultaneous celebration in the Himalayas. This serves to seed and anchor the peaceful vibrations, gifts and blessings of Wesak physically into the whole of Earth and into the Heart of Earth where true peace originates.

At last year's Wesak celebration in Mt. Shasta, there were not only 2000 high level initiates, disciples and Ascended Beings, there were also over one million inner plane Cosmic and Planetary Masters, Archangels and Angels, Elohim Masters and Positive Extraterrestrials in attendance, pouring their love, light, energy, gifts, and peaceful intent to all in attendance on the inner and outer planes. My Beloved Readers, I think you can see that the ramifications for world peace, as a result of this many inner and outer plane Masters convening for the sole purpose of celebrating love, oneness, unity, the integration of the Christ/Buddhic vibration and world peace is enormous.
By Dr. Joshua David Stone

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