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Tumbled Gemstone List
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Agate:   Stomach, Colon, Radiation. Strength, Courage, Love, Grounding, Prosperity, Wealth, Luck, Harmony,  Soothe, Emotions.
     Blue Lace:   Arthritis, Peace, Friendship, Cool Tempers.
     Botswana:   Detox, Depression, “Enhances Quest”.
     Holly Blue:   Heart, Mental, “Psychic Actualization”.
Lace:   Vital Organs, Skin, Physical Energy.
     Montana:   Clear and Energize Chakras, Activate Minerals.
     Moss:   Fungal infections, Ego, Self-esteem, Riches,  Eyes.
    Orbicular:   Fertility, Balance Energy Fields, Awareness.
     Snakeskin:   Skin, Hearing, Stomach, Find Lost Things.
     Turritella:   Fatigue, Stomach, Protection, Safety,  Survival.
Amber:   Spine, Anxiety, Memory Loss, Detox, Past Life Recall, Calmness, Wisdom,  Balance, Patience, Allows Healing.
Amethyst:   Addictions, Immune Systems, Transformation,  Stress, Psychic Abilities, Inner Peace, All Healing, Wisdom.
Ametrine:   Raise Consciousness, Accept Change to Body,  Auric Field Stabilizer, Emotional Clearing, Spiritual Awareness.
Amazonite:   Heart, Nervous System, Love, Clarity, Balance, Aggravation, Worry, Fear, Self-respect, Confidence, Energy.
Angelite:   Bones, Nervous system, Brain, Inner Guidance, Converts  Fear/Anxiety/Urgency  into Faith/Tranquility, Astral Travel.
Apache Tears:   Detox, Muscle Spasms,  Eases and Releases Pain and Loss,  Healing, Comfort, Psychic Protection, Looking Within.
Apatite:  Mouth, Throat, Thyroid, Suppresses Hunger, Past Pife Insights, Telepathy, Inner Clarity, peace,  Balance Yin-Yang.
Aqua Aura:   Clear Quartz with Electrical infusion of Gold, Throat, Meditation, Telepathy, Sending Energy, Pyschic Awareness.
Aquamarine:   Nerves, Fluid Retention, Throat, Balance, Fears, Tolerance, Calming, Serenity, Wise Use of Inner Power, Cleansing.
Aragonite:   Eyes, Brain, Heart, Skin, Stress, Anger, Acceptance, Enhances Reliability/Practicality, Self Discipline.
Aventurine: (Green Quartz)  Heart, Lungs, Luck, Money, Prosperity, Balance, Decisiveness, Leadership, Spirit Communication.
Azurite:  Throat, Brow, Depression, Sinus, Skin, Third- eye, Intuition, Truth, Psychic Dreams, Transformation, Compassion.
Beryl:   ( aka  see  Aquamarine / Emerald / Morganite ) Heart, Bones, Ceremonial Magic, Induce “Wise” Intellect.
Bloodstone:   Blood, Heart, Bones, Stress, Inner Guidance, Idealism, Abundance, Generosity, Organization, Purification.
Boji Stone:   Tissue Regeneration, Pain, Balances and Aligns,  Energizes  yet Grounding, Rejuvenation, Optimism, Healing.
Bronzite:   Assimilation of  Iron / Minerals, Service, Decisiveness, Courage, “Stone of Courtesy”, Assist Transforming Cycles.
Calcite:   Kidneys, Pancreas, Spleen, Energy Amplifier, Astral Travel, Channeling, Clear and Activate All Chakras, Communication.
     Blue:   Eases Pain, Serenity, Peace, Harmony.
     Gold:   Intellect, Memory, Wisdom, Astral Projection.
 Green:   Heals Heart, Emotional Balance, Clarifies Visions.
     Red:   Opens Heart, Love, Energizes, Stimulates.
Carnelian:   Gall/Kidney Stones, Allergies, Regeneration, Energy, Power, Creativity, Sorrow, Fear, Rage, Stimulates Analytical.
Catlinite: (Pipestone)   Native American Indian Ceremony Stone. Used for Pipes,  Totems, etc., Protection, Spirit Communication.
Celestite:   Eyes, Hearing, Mental Dysfunctions, Detox, Clearing  Auric Fields, Astral Travel, All Psychic Energy Work.
Chalcedony:   Dementia, Senility, Mental Stability, Balancing Energy and Emotions, Goodwill, Peace, Harmony.
Chalcopyrite:   Brain, Tumors, Hair, Find Lost Objects, Perception, Stone of the Mystic, Open/Cleanse/Activact Crown Chakra, Meditation.
Charoite:   Eyes, Heart, Liver, Headache, “Stone of Transformation”, Bestower of Good,  Allows One to “See” with Love.   
Chrysocolla:   Heart, Balance Blood Sugar and Female Energy, Nurturance, Love, Honesty, Purifies Home and Environment, Vitality.
Chrysoprase:   Fertility, Heart, Heal Broken Heart, Encourage Fidelity, Acceptance of Self/Others, Attitude, Balance, Compassion.
Citrine:   Digestion, Depression, Detox, Prosperity, Career Success, Creativity, Confidence, Strength, Warmth, Spiritual Growth.
Copper:   Arthritis, Stomach, Energize, Channeling, Luck, Abundance, Self-Esteem, Communication, Anger, Independence.
Coral:  Red:   Circulation, Bones, Harmony, Fertility,  Energizes Emotions,  Strength, Long Life, Stability.
Danburite:   Gall bladder, Nervous System, Liver, Teeth, Detox, Intellect, Expand Awareness, Memory, Endurance, Patience.
Desret Rose:   (Gypsum - Selenite)  Brain, Memory, Mental Vision, Clarifies Thinking, Perception, Quiets Worry, Practicality.
Diaspore:   Heart, Calming, Clearing Chakras, Psychic Awareness, Dream Work, Astral Travel, Clarity, Dream Recall, Change.
Diopside:   Physical Weakness, Psychological Disorders, Intellect, Feminine Side, Mathmatical/Analytical Pursuits, Calm Pets.
Dioptase:   Heart, Lungs,  Pain, Memory of  Past Lives   but Helps to Live in the Moment, Awareness, Attunement.
Dolomite:   Muscular, Blood, Bones, Teeth, Nails, Skin, Energy  Alignment, Relieves Sorrow, Manifestation,  Stamina.
Eliat Stone:  (See  Chrysocolla, Turquoise, Copper) Know as “the Sage”, Insight, Stimulates Creative Problem-Solving.
Emerald:   Spine, Heart, Love, Legal Affairs,  Clear Vision, Memory, Discernment, Sensitivity, Loyalty, Domestic Bliss.
Flint:   Kidney, Liver, Skin, Shyness, Thought Transference, Dispel  Negativity  “Haunted”  Localities, Meticulous Judgment.
Fluorite:   Cells, Bone, Tumors, Ulcers, All Healing, Purification, Physical Perfection, Mental Achievement, Discernment, Stability.
Galena:   Inflammations, Skin, Blood, Olfactory, Insight for Medical Studies, Harmony,  Grounding, Centering Energy.
Garnet:  Heart, Detox, Blood, Fertility, Stimulates Passion, Stamina, Confidence, Compassion, Love, Commitment, Energy.
Goldstone:   (Manmade from Sunstone) Stomach, Ulcers, Depression, Uplifting, Protection, Energizer, Inner Strength.
Halite:   Diuretic, Regenerative, Heart, Protection, Mood Swings, Abandonment, Good Will, Independent Thought, Solutions, Balance.
Hematite:   Spleen, Blood, Stress, Courage, Grounding, Will, Strength, Mental Capability, Memory,  Self-Control, Calming.
Herkimer Diamond:   Detox, Tension, Balance, Energy, Spiritual Awareness, All Healing, Gridding, Unconscious Fears, Love.
Hiddenite:   Heart, Eases Loss of Money or Love, Prosperity, Calming, Insight, Stimulate Intellect, Connect to Other Worlds.
Howlite:   Pain, Stress, Rage, Bones, Teeth, Tact, Calm Communication, Expression, Reasoning, Goals, Retentive Memory.
Iolite:   Addiction, Detox, Sobriety, Fever, Third-eye, Healing, Astral Travel, Align Auric Field, Inner Knowledge, Harmony, Visions.
Jade:   Heart, Immune, Detox, Blood, Androgynous, Chinese believe Health, Wealth, Longevity, Courage, Wisdom, Justice.
Jadeite: (aka  see  Jade and Nephrite)
Jasper:   Stomach, Organs, Nerves, “Supreme Nurturer”, Energy, Comfort in Isolation / Hospitalization, Grounding, Stabilizing.
Picture:   Creative Visualization, Global Awareness.
     Orbicular:   (Leopardskin)  Responsibility Acceptance, Detox.
     Red:   Blood, Memory, Mental Instability.
Tan: - Gold:   Night Vision, Stress, Meditation.
     Green:   Stress, Heart, Prosperity, Grounding.
Jet:   Migraines, Lymphatic, Depression, Calming, Centering, Grounding, Fear, Financial Stability, Protection.
Kunzite:   Hormone Balance, Heart Muscle, Promotes Maturity, Intuition, Meditation, Shield Unwanted  Energies / Obstacles.
Kyanite:   Throat, Third-eye, Balance, Calming, Meditation, Pyschic Awareness, Never needs Clearing, Clears other Stones.
Kyanite/Lepidolite:   Throat, Third-eye, Align All Chakras Immediately, Communication, No Clearing or Cleaning needed.
Labradorite:   (Spectrolite)   Brain, Mental Acuity, Anxiety, Stress, Intuitive, Mystical, Wisdom, Intellect, Protects Aura.
Lapis Lazuli:   Throat, Bone, Immune, Tension, Anxiety, Third-eye, Mental Clarity, Wisdom, “Stone of Total Awareness”.
Larimar:   (Pectolite)   Heart, Throat, Third-eye, Peace, Clarity, Love,Iinner Wisdom, Serenity, Gridding, “Stone for Earth Healing”.
Lavenite:   Skin, Burns, Ulcers, Insight, Goals, Abundance, Centering, Grounding, Eliminate Negative Spiritual Energizes and Beings.
Lepidolite:   Muscles, Heart, Blood, Addictions, Sleep, Inner light, Joy, Openess, Honesty, Worry, Mood Swings,  Transition.
Lodestone:   (Natural Magnet) Energy Blockage, Detox, Pain, Focus,  Grounding, Confusion, Confidence, Motivation, Guidance.
Magnetite:   (Lodestone)   Bone, Hair, Skin, “Stone of Stability”, Tenacity, Durability, Endurance, Remote Viewing.
Malachite:   Joints. Tumors, Muscles, Release Emotion, Look Within for Cause of Illness, Aviation Protection, Change, Amplifies.
Marble:   Bone Marrow, Infections, Flexibility, Recall Dreams, Strength, Instinct, Protection, “Common Sense”, Balance.
Mochi Balls:   Immune, Veins, Muscles, Bone Loss, Ground, Center, Stimulate Chi, ET Contact, Visions, Native American Ceremony.
Moldavite:   Third-eye, Expansion of Vision Within, Higher Dimensional Galactic Energies, Co-op of  ET and Earth Life.
Moonstone:   Hormones, Stress, Anxiety, Emotional Balance, Flexibility, Self-Expression, Creativity,  “Traveler’s Stone”.
Morganite:   Emphysema, TB, Rejuvenation, Love, Empathy, Equality, Self-Control, Accesses Old Memories, Search Soul.
Obsidian:   Healing Healer and Subject, Shield, Stabilizing, Clear Vision of Course of Action Needed,  Grounding, Protective.
Black:   Removal of Body Disorder, Insight, “Gazing”.
     Blue:   Communication, Astral Travel, Intuition, Throat Chakra.
     Green:   Cleansing Heart Chakra, Cord-cutting, Reiki Healing
Snowflake:   Balance, “Stone of Purity”.
     Mahogany:   Energy Blockage, Tension, Vitality, Strength.
Rainbow:   Light, Love, “Gazing”, “Stone of Pleasure”.
     Sheen: Silver/Gold:   “Mirror of the Soul”,  Insight.
Okenite:   Blood, Fever, Stomach, Recognition of Karmic Debts, Channeling, Truth, Aging Gracefully, “ Feel Warm and Fuzzy”.
Onyx:   Bone Marrow, Soft Tissue, Feet, Vigor, Tenacity, Strength, Contentment, Stamina, Grounding, Focus.
Opal:   Childbirth, Eyesight, Parkinson’s, Clarify, Psychic Awareness, Become “Invisible”, Memory, Love, Happy Dreams.
Peacock Rock:   (Bornite)   Fever, Dehydration, All Healing, Balance, Harmony, Change, Insight, Grief, “Stone of Happiness”.
Peridot:   Eyesight, Intestinal Tract, Heart, Find Lost Objects, Anger, Jealousy, Rebirth, Growth, Attainment, Prosperity.
Petrified Wood:   Paralysis, Hearing, Incontinence, Access Past Lives, Worry, Grounding,, Centering, Balance.
Phenacite:   All Healing, Purify Total Body,  Gathers Energies of the Other Stones, Inner  “Knowing”, Spiritual Travel, Wishes.
Pietersite:   Glands, Hormones, Stimulate, “See Beyond”,  Loyalty to Self, “Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven”.
Prehnite:   Gout, Kidneys, Bladder, Energy, ET Contact, Prophesy, Visualization, Protection, Gridding, Remember Dreams.
Pyrite:   Bones, Cells, Lungs, Physical Perfection, Beautiful memories, Protective, Shielding, Recall.
Quartz: (Crystal)   All Healing, Re-Direction of Energy, Amplify, “Stone of Power”, Harmony, Clarity, Psychic Awareness and More.
     Smokey:   Mental Clarity, Protective, Grounding, Cooperation.
     Tourmalinated:   Imbalances and Destructive Patterns.
Rhodochrosite:   Digestion, Heart, Thyroid, Self-Esteem / Love, Emotions, Tolerance, Kindness, Compassion, Balance Energy.
Rhodonite:   Joints, Lungs, Heart, Reach Full Potential, Inner Growth, Calmness, Refinement, Courtesy,  “Stone of Love”.
Rose Quartz:   Heart, Kidney, Glands, also “Stone of Love”, for Others and Self, Tolerance, Forgiveness, Tenderness, Peace, Stress.
Ruby:   Heart, Fever, Re-Birthing, Intense Energy, Happiness, Rhyolite:   Veins, Skin, Stamina, Insight, Meditation, Change, Variety, Progress, Creativity,   “Stone of Resolution”.
Sapphire:   Blood, Veins, All Healing, Joy, Peace, Beauty, Intuition, dreams, “Stone of Prosperity”, a Very Special Gem.
Selenite:  Bones, Teeth, Nerves, Purify, Clarity, Serenity, Love, Spirituality, Truth, Access Past / Future Lives.
Seraphinite:   Brain Cells, Nerves, Transformation, Transmutation, Serpentine:   Hypoglycemia, Parasites,  Stimulate Meditative State, Clearing, Purification, Psychic Awareness.
Shell:  (Mother of Pearl) (Paua Shell)  Nerves, Muscles, “Magical Gift From the Sea”,  Intuition, Adaptability, Imagination.
Sodalite:   Insomnia, Digestive, True Feelings, Group Goals, Fear, Intellect,  “Knowing Stone”,  Truth, Self-Esteem, Clarity.
Staurolite:  (Fairy Cross)  Growths, Fever, Depression, Quit Smoking, Stress, “White Magic Rituals”, ET Communication.
Sugilite:   Headaches, Brain, Heart, Stress, Balance, Spiritual Awareness, Sensitivity,  Protection, Third-eye, Memory.
Sulphur:   Joints, Infections, Fibrous Growths, Abundance of Energy, Inspiration, Emotions, Intellect, Grounding.
Sunstone:   Throat, Ulcer, Stomach, Independence, Stress, Fear, Energy, Vitality, Abundance,  “Luck”  in Games.
Tanzanite:   Eyes, Skin, Coma, Third-eye, ET, Spiritual Communication, Power, Manifestation of Will,  “Stone of  Magic”.
Tektite: Dis-eases of No Known Origin, ET Contact, Link-up, Insight, Development, Completion, Memory of  Lessons Learned.
Thulite:   Intestinal, Insight, Aimlessness, Vanity, Conceit, Outcome, Presentations, Logic.
Tiger Eye:   Eyes, Night Vision, Reproductive, Perception,  Wealth, Calming, Capability, Wishing, Psychic Abilities, Grounding.
Tiger Iron:   Muscle, Blood Cell Count, Vitality, Creativity, Beauty, Balance, Mathematical Exactitude.
Topaz:  Blue:   Regeneration, Thyroid, Spiritual Growth, Peace.
               Golden:   Liver, Detox, Happiness, Humor, Success.
Tourmaline:   Powerful Healer, Wand Enhancement, Clearing.
     Black:   Dyslexia, Joints, Protection  “Spells”,  Grounding,
     Blue:   Throat, Lungs, Third-eye, Wisdom, Loyalty, Serenity.
     Green:   Heart, Health, Prosperity, Hope, Tranquillity.
     Pink:   Heart, Skin, Love, Joy, Enthusiasm, Awareness.
     Rubellite/Lepidolite:   Balance, Love, Happiness, Open-up.
     Watermelon:   Heart, Love, Harmony, Understanding, Beauty.
     Yellow:   Liver, Detox, Business Creativity, Logic.
Turquoise:   Tissue Regeneration, Meditation, Peace, Balance, Spiritual Attunement, “Gift From the Earth”, Protect, Ground.
Unakite:   Reproductive, Unborn Health, Weight Gain,  Re-Birthing, Balance, Emotional Alignment.
Zincite:   Skin, Hair, Glands, Energy, Grounding, Intensify, Astral Travel, Very Powerful.
Zircon:   Bones, Muscles, Sciatic Nerve, Intuitive Self,  “Stone of Virtue”, Innocence, Purity, Constancy.


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