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Ceremonies and Rituals are an integral part of the human experience. Throughout history, ritualistic festivals and observances have become an amazing repository for custom and tradition. In reviewing the world's celebrations, it is also evident that each ceremony intimately depicts the culture, history and beliefs of the participants.
While ceremonies vary from country to country, civilization to civilization and religion to religion, their essential soul remains the same. They have a unifying spirit that draws people together to honor communal bonds. Ritual, in any setting, becomes a medium for the outward expression of the spirit.
Each ritual performed provided our ancestors with an annual rhythm that encouraged coherence in communities. Just as important, each cadence included guidance on when to sow crops, times to sing of honored dead, moments to welcome life-just generally commemorate everything it means to be human.  Wiccans are no exception to this metered framework. In fact, many symbols, songs, and activities in modern ceremonies have roots partially in the Wiccan/Pagan tradition and in the Wheel of the year.  Traditionally this figurative Wheel has eight festival-spokes that take place an average of forty-five days apart.

Festival-spokes mark another juncture in the sun's annual journey through the sky, and commemorate the metaphorical  value of this timing. During Candlemas (December 2), for example, people light candles to symbolically give strength to the sun so it might begin overcoming the last vestiges of winter. On a deeper spiritual level, this represents banishing our personal shadows with the light of truth and virtue.
Other Wiccan festivals were designed to revere the gods and goddesses of a specific pantheon. Exactly which pantheon, of course, depends on the magical tradition. While other celebrations of the Wiccan tradition strive to meet human needs by remembering the important events that shape both individuals and whole civilizations. One illustration here is the Rite of Passage, in which children who have come of age are welcomed as adults in the magical community.
Rituals and Festivals help bring us closer to nature's rhythms. and make us more aware of her lessons, including those of the Sun, the Moon and the Seasons.

It is important to take time out of our hectic schedules for communing regularly with the Sacred Powers, this time is necessary for personal and spiritual development. Whatever your vision of the Divine, rituals reconnect you with that Source as something that can manifest powerfully in your daily life.
Humans are highly ritualistic by nature. We tend to use the same coffee cup each day, drive to work by the same route, arrange the silverware the same way in the drawer each time. these actions constitute mini rituals that we follow daily, giving our lives form, coherence, and an air of comfortable familiarity. We all execute ritual everyday, in the decision-making process - when you choose between various options, "good" and "bad", between action and inaction. By so doing, the reins of fate remain firmly in hand and you become the guiding force that is normally equated with spiritual leadership.
Remember, Rituals do not have to be fancy, formal, or exactingly precise to be powerful and transformational. The Sacred Powers care more about your motivations, and the feeling you put into the rite, than they do about the trappings. The magic comes from within not from any tool. Nonetheless, tools do make things easier. They give your conscious mind something concrete upon which to fix its attention, freeing up your intuitive nature.

Ethics of Ritual and Magick, means you focus on working on yourself. You may not direct outward to attempt, in any manner, to force your will on the minds or behavior of other individuals. As you seek and implement creative changes within yourself, your outer world will begin to respond to the new you naturally.
Change yourself. Do not attempt to change others. Even the most altruistic healing magick should not be forced on someone else without their consent. It is not for you to decide what that other soul wants and needs for its progress on its path.
Remember the rule of three, which relates to concepts of karma. Essentially, its meaning is that whatever you put out into the Universe returns to you threefold- but do not think of such "karma" as only relating to other lifetimes. The boomerang effect of the threefold law can be quite dramatic. Also referred to as "Instant Karma." Always add your intent, in your words and in your heart and mind, and the extra phrases "as it harm none" and "according to the free will of all."



What is Ritual?   By: Lisa

Ritual is a direct expression of intention.

All our major religions, and many of our alternative spiritual paths, are filled with precepts and strict tenets for properly practicing ritual. I have been teaching spirituality workshops since the 1980's, and have seen over and over again, that ceremony created directly from the heart, with intention, is more powerful than any set of rules or codes created by some external authority.
What I recommend for Moon ritual is to use your creativity and follow your bliss. But for those of you who need a bit of direction, here goes.
Depending on the season, location for a ritual can be outdoors with Mother Nature and her inhabitants, or in the privacy of your home. I usually like to set up an altar of some kind. This can be as elaborate as you wish or as simple as a steady surface to light and place a candle. Some people like to add incense or objects to an altar: photographs of loved ones and deities, pictures that represent future goals, gifts from the Earth like stones, feathers, flowers, foods.
I like to change my altar to suit my needs.
At the beginning of any ritual, I like to invite in the energies of love, guidance, transformation, insight, clarity, forgiveness, and selflessness. Feel free to call on whomever you wish, including the power of the four directions, the Earth and the Heavens.
The bi-monthly Moon Messages we post are a guide for you to know what forces are at work at any given time of the Moon cycle. Rituals should reflect your intended goals for best use of these energies.
In general, at a New Moon ritual I like to write down my intention, especially if I am using ritual to initiate a new project or purpose, or goal. New Moons are powerful times to do serious work on self-healing and letting go of unhealthy behavior and patterning. I use the two-week waxing phase from New to Full Moon to work with what I have written by reading it every morning and each night before bed until the the Moon is full. On this night I use part of my Full Moon ritual to release the intention to the Universe by burying the paper in the ground, or burning it in a conch shell or cauldron.
Full Moon ritual is a time for celebration and release. It is important to have fun during these ceremonies. Share your creativity with friends. Cook a wonderful meal, drum, sing, dance, create a group story, make something beautiful to reflect the fullness you feel.
Powerful ritual is all about connecting with your own source of spirituality, not about rules that may or may not feel right to you. When you feel it in your heart you have done everything properly!



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