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Reiki is the Japanese word for "Universal Life Energy". 
It is an ancient healing art rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui and brought to the US by Hawayo Takata.
Reiki is a way of life...  and comes from Eastern Philosophy and Buddhists teachings.  
is a holistic approach that treats the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It is gentle, non-invasive, relaxing and penetrates to all levels of the disharmony or dis-ease. 
emanates from the "One Source of All Energy" and flows through the Reiki practitioner. Because of this, the practitioner is never drained and is also energized. In that way, Reiki, which is activated by the "laying on of hands", continually flows to bring health and well-being. 
Reiki can be defined as a nonphysical healing energy made up of life force energy that is guided by the Higher Intelligence, or spiritually guided life force energy.
*Reiki brings the body into harmony by relieving physical and emotional blockages.
*Reiki heals the cause and eliminates the effects of an imbalance.
*Reiki helps minimize your sense of helplessness when facing disharmony, disease or trauma.
*Reiki can be used in conjunction with standard medical procedures and religious beliefs without conflict.
It is through the attunement to higher knowledge or spiritual consciousness 
(REI) that we are able to properly guide our life energy 
(KI) to create positive results and affect positive personal and global change.
Five Principles of Reiki
* "Today I give thanks for my many blessings"
* "Just for today I will not worry"
* "Today I will not be angry"
* "Today I will do my work honestly"
* "Today I will be kind to my neighbor and to every living thing"

Reiki Certification

*First-degree training traditionally consists of 6 hours, in which a 20% power transfer (attunements) is administered by the teacher and sealed in the student. These open up your subtle mental and physical energy systems and prepare you to channel Universal Life Force energy. This process also creates a permanent connection, or gateway, for Reiki energy to be continually present in our lives. The attunements are gentle, peaceful and powerful.  The Reiki energy is established within your energy system for life.
*Second-degree training traditionally consists of 2 half days, in which there is a full 100% power transfer (attunements), and traditionally is administered 60 to 90 days after first-degree certification so the Reiki can be worked with and integrated within the student. There are 3 symbols to learn and you will be taught how to create and activate the symbols and how to enhance your healing abilities and your general use of Reiki. It allows you to accelerate the treatment time; deal with mental and emotional problems of a client; and apply a unique method of absent/long distance healing.
*Third-degree is that of the Master, and means the person can teach Reiki and confer first and second degree through (attunements) power transfers. 

Reiki I      $80.00
Reiki II     $90.00
Reiki III   $150.00
Dates to be announced...

This is an important time to begin working with Reiki energies since we have now embarked upon the fastest and most exciting movement of human consciousness that our world has ever experienced. 
The Information Age that we are now a part of has helped to create the fast paced world 
that can be both exciting as well as challenging. 
Many are experiencing higher levels of stress and our purpose is to help everyone use Reiki effectively to create balance and harmony in our lives. We live in what is perhaps the most interesting of times and there are now many more opportunities for personal and spiritual growth than ever before. 
By working together and allowing Reiki to guide us, we can improve the quality of life on the planet for everyone and enable global consciousness to move more quickly to a new and higher level.
We are becoming aware that technology cannot solve every problem.  
People are realizing that the most important solutions lie within! To maintain balance in a highly technological world, people are seeking out ways to express and nurture more of their own inner, personal selves. 
Interest in spiritual things including Reiki and other forms of energy work 
  is increasing worldwide. 
It appears that we are moving toward a world where our drive for technological development 
will be balanced by our need for spiritual wholeness.
It is becoming less likely that global earthquakes, polar axis shifts and the dramatic changing of oceans and continents will produce catastrophic earth changes. 
The time for many of these prophesied world disasters has already passed. 
Edgar Cayce
who had a remarkable ability for clairvoyantly diagnosing illness and prescribing cures made several predictions for world disaster. 
Until recently, his prophesies were the main scenarios for proponents of cataclysmic earth changes. 
Cayce predicted that Atlantis would rise in 1966 or 1967. This never happened. 
Even 30 years later, there is still no sign that the lost continent of Atlantis is emerging and the Cayce Foundation has taken a stance that the earth changes scenario is not likely to take place. 
Destructive earth changes were predicted by Nostradamus as well. While many of his predictions have come true, they seem to have stopped taking place since just before the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. 
Even the Jehovah's Witnesses have changed their policy concerning the end times.
We create our own reality. This is true on an individual level as well as on a global level. 
Things are changing, we believe, because of the widespread use of Reiki and all the other healing energies and prayers that have been sent to the world. The result has been a healing of global consciousness to the extent that we will not permit the physical destruction of the earth (including war). 

Excerpts from: "The Reiki Handbook"  by Larry Arnold and Sandy Nevius 
and "Reiki for a New Millennium" by William Lee Rand


The Reiki Handbook             $13.50
By: Larry Arnold & Sandy Nevius
This is a practical handbook for the student of Reiki. Well laid out with photographs and diagrams as well as space for notes. It starts with the Reiki story, moves through the philosophy and procedures, then onto the body diagrams, an atlas of treatment placements, a glossary of aliments, discussion on pets and wildlife, Reiki recipes and additional notes on the Chakras.


     Reiki for a New Millennium  $14.95
By: William Lee Rand
We are in the middle of a global transformation that is effecting every aspect of life. Those who are able to let go of the old ways will enjoy the process and will be able to contribute to the greatest experience the world has ever know. Reiki is a technique that can foster the qualities in us necessary to make the transition easily, according to the writer and the information in this wonderful book.



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