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Mystic Magick Oil Blends....... "Goddess Potions"

   We are pleased that we finally have the opportunity to share these individually hand blended Magical Goddess Potions with you. We have been making these blends for over 10 years and have wonderful testimonial to their effectiveness. 
   We are located in Largo, Florida, an area that gets a lot of visitors from all over the world. Many of them trying Magickal Oil Blends for the first time. We quite often receive emails and phone calls for reorders, after they use them. We hope that our Mystic Magick Oil Blends "Goddess Potions" will help you with your endeavors. 
We have created our own recipes that are blended, charged and blessed during the proper moon phases, with their general purposes in mind. To personalize them you need only add your will and clear visualizations. Please always remember, these are only the tools, 
The Magick is within you...
   These blends are based on ancient magickal art principals using a combination of 100% Essential Oils, Herbs, Resins, and Gemstones.  For thousands of years Essential Oils, Gemstones and Herbal Blends have been used for Healing and Intent purposes. We offer a variety of blends designed to enhance the intent of  Love, Healing, Success, Spirit Communication, Enlightenment, Purification, Protection, Prosperity and more. 


1 Dram Bottle             $6.00

Astral Travel
Empowerment (Courage/Power)
Heart Healing
Hex Break (Banishing)
Invoking Angels
Love Calling
Padre's "Luck"
Magnetic (Male or Female)
Money Drawing
Mother Earth
New Beginnings/Fertility
Spirit Calling
Witches Sight/Psychic Ability

We invite you to visit us at:  12041 66th St. N. #E., Largo, Fl. 33773

For information or ordering,  Call:   (727) 530-9994     
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Judith (Judie) DiMilta  Proprietor

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