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Egyptian Coffin
   4" $12.00
Encased in the Canopic Shrine of King Tutankhamun were four solid miniature replicas of his middle coffin -- which preserved his embalmed organs.  Tut was represented as the God Osiris wearing an artificial beard and holding crook and flail, symbols of his dominance over Upper and Lower Egypt. This replica is hand gold leafed and intricately detailed.



Egyptian Cleopatra Candleholder

                 $59.99 each



Cleopatra Tarot

                 $24.99 each



Bast Incense Holder
Bast, the beloved cat headed goddess of Ancient Egypt, stands at the ready on one end of this incense holder. Bast, a goddess who loved mankind, appears to be ready to spring into action if she sees the smallest ember fall from a burning stick of incense, or a slight breeze knocks over a cone. Made of cold cast resin & hand painted, Bast herself crests 3 1/2" inches tall, with the holder stretching
to a length of 11".
$19.99 each




Bast Statue

Bast, lovely Egyptian Goddess who watches over cats, and does a great job of it too. 8 and 1/4 inches tall.



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