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 Gods:   Names & Meanings

Adonis:  (Greek) God of vegitation.

Apollo:  (Roman) God of light and arts.

Apollo:  (Greek) God of light and inspiration, youth, beauty and prophecy.
Son of Zeus and twin sister of Artemis (Diana).

Ares:  (Greek) God of war.

Bes:  (Egyptian) God of music, luck, love and marriage.

Cupid:  (Roman) Son of Venus. God of love and attraction.

Dionysus:  (Greek) God of wine, fertility and ecstasy.

Eros:  (Greek) God of passionate love and romance.

Fanus:  (Roman) God of the woodlands.

Hades:  (Greek) Brother of Zeus. God of the underworld and death.

Horus:  (Egyptian) Parents are Isis and Osiris. 
His sacred animal is the falcon. God of healing and the all-seeing eye.

Hymen:  (Greek) God of marriage and commitment.

Janus:  (Roman) "Two-faced" God.
 God of thresholds, gates and doorways.

Jupiter:  (Roman) Father of the Gods and men. God of the sky.

Liber:  (Roman) God of nature, wine and ecstasy.

Loki:  (Scandinavian) Odin's foster brother. 
Father of Hel. Loki caused the death of the Gods Baldur, and Aegir. 
He's the God of trickery.

Mars:  (Roman) God of war.

Mercury:  (Roman) Messenger to the
Gods. God of communication and trade.

Minis:  (Egyptian) Often identified with Horus. 
Protector of travelers. God of fertility.

Mithra:  (Persian) Sun God. Bringer of light. God of soldiers.

Neptune:  (Roman) God of wisdom.

Osiris:  (Egyptian) Resurrected annually by Isis. God of re-birth.

Pan:  (Greek) Depicted as a goat-hoofed, lusty trickster. 
God of passion, laughter, nature and music.

Poseidon:  (Greek) His familiars are horses and dolphins. 
His name means "Earth shaker". God of Earth and sea.

Ptah:  (Egyptian) God of craftsman.

Shiva:  (Hindu) Kali's consort. God of birth, death and re-birth.

Thoth:  (Egyptian) Moon God. God of re-incarnation.



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